ElimuKompanion - School Management System

What Is ElimuKompanion?

ElimuKompanion is a comprehensive school management system that streamlines and automates various administrative tasks and processes in educational institutions.

It is designed to help school administrators, teachers, and staff to manage student information, academic records, attendance, scheduling, and communication effectively. 

ElimuKompanion: Features​

Student Management

This module allows schools to store and manage student information, such as personal details, contact information, academic records, fee payment and attendance records. It also provides tools for tracking student progress and generating reports.

Class Management

This module enables teachers to create and manage class schedules, assign homework and assignments, and grade students’ work. It also provides tools for tracking student attendance and generating reports.

Library Management

This module enables the school to manage its library effectively. A librarian can issue books to students or teachers and keep track of issued books, expected return dates, delays etc.


This module enables schools to enroll and manage distance learning through an e-learning portal. The portal provides students with study material, tests and a grading system.

Stock Management

This module helps the school to manage their stock effectively and replenish items before they run out, to prevent stock-outs in any department. 


This module facilitates communication between school staff, teachers, and parents. It includes tools for sending and receiving emails, text messages, and push notifications.