Retail Management System - RMS

A Retail Management System is a management system that combines different integrated modules that help run the daily operations of a retail outlet.

What's In A Retail Management System?

In our Retail Management System (RMS),  you get to manage your business efficiently, and never miss out on a sale again. 

Every action has its module, and each module is integrated with the other. For instance, the Inventory module is integrated with the Purchase module, so when your stock is about to run out, the Inventory triggers the Purchase to generate a Purchase Order for the product.

Below we look into the different modules and how they all work together.

Purchase Management

As you continue to sell, your stock gets to a point where you need to restock. With a good retail management system, you should be able to manage this process without breaking a sweat.

The system generates Purchase Orders automatically based on your Reordering Rules and leaves them as drafts, for you to confirm them. When the order is confirmed, the system notifies the Inventory to expect a new replenishment.

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Inventory Management 

In your Inventory, you have rules that define the stock levels allowed for every product. These rules are called Reordering Rules
To make the rules effective, you must factor in shipping time for the products to get to your store. This helps to prevent loss of sales due to running out of stock.
When your replenishment arrives from a vendor, you receive it into your Inventory. Then a bill can be generated on behalf of your vendor for the received items.

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Sales Management

You can manage your cash sales using Point Of Sale (PoS). To sell on credit, a Sale Order is generated with an accompanying invoice

You can also sell to online customers on your website using the ecommerce module.

When selling on Credit, you can set credit limits and payment periods on your customers, for efficient management and follow up.

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Since the system generates Vendor Bills and Customer Invoices automatically, accounting is automated. When you register a payment made by a customer, the system automatically matches the payment with a corresponding invoice.
Keep track of your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Journals etc through dynamic reports.

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