About Us

SIMI Technologies is a Kenyan technology company that specializes in developing innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for various fields.

Who We Are

Welcome to SIMI Technologies, where we specialize in developing innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for various fields. We have developed solutions for the Education Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Hotel and Restaurants, and Property Management, and we continue to craft more solutions.

At the core of our operations, we are a team of software engineers dedicated to crafting solutions that improve business operations and processes.

Our Solutions

We use a modular approach to building solutions. Each solution is built as a module that can be integrated with the rest of our solutions. This ensures that all our solutions can be repurposed for different fields and sectors without much hussle.

Elimu Kompanion

Our School Management System, known as ElimuKompanion provides institutions with a comprehensive system for managing their academic and administrative processes.

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Manufacturing Execution System

A manufacturing system is a system that uses a combination of actions and processes used in the production of finished goods. 

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Retail Management System

A Retail Management System is a management system that combines different integrated modules that help run the daily operations of a retail outlet.

Our Retail Management System enables you to manage your business efficiently, and never miss a sale again.  

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Hospital Management System

Our comprehensive hospital management system is a software application that is designed to streamline and automate various hospital processes, from patient registration and scheduling to billing and inventory management. This system can improve the quality of healthcare services and enhance the overall efficiency of the hospital.

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