Purchase Management.

Purchase management is the process of procuring goods and services from suppliers while ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Purchase management involves several activities such as identifying the needs, selecting the right supplier, negotiating the price, placing orders, and monitoring the delivery and payment process.

In our management system, purchase management involves various modules that work together to streamline the procurement process. These modules are:

Inventory: This module keeps track of all product moves. When the stock levels get below the reorder rules, a purchase order or a manufacturing order is raised to replenish the item. For products that are manufactured internally, a manufacturing order is raised while for products that are replenished by purchasing from vendors, a purchase order is raised.

replenishment view

(Replenishment View)

Purchase: This module manages how products are purchased in the system. When a purchase order is raised by the Inventory module, the order is found in the Request For Quotations stage. At this stage, the document is essentially a quotation in Request for Quotation (RFQ) status.

Purchase Module (Request for Quotation, RFQ )

When a quotation is confirmed, it becomes an order, and its status is changed to 'Purchase Order'. The system expects these items to be delivered to you according to the delivery time set in the order details. When the order is placed, a bill is generated for the order.

When you pay for the order, you can register your payment, and the system automatically reconciles your entries.

Through these modules, you can automate your purchase management process, increase efficiency, reduce lead time, and improve the quality of goods and services received from suppliers.

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