Manufacturing Order.

A document that contains a schedule and instructions required to manufacture products.

What's A Manufacturing Order?

A Manufacturing Order is a document that is required to manufacture products, and it is classified into two,  Internal Order and Subcontract Order.

An Internal Order is a document for products that are manufactured by the company itself.

A Subcontract Order is a document for products that are manufactured by other companies as subcontractors.

The manufacturing order is prepared as manufacturing instructions and schedule.

The Benefits Of A Manufacturing Order

In a Manufacturing Execution System, a manufacturing order is generated automatically so that the products are manufactured in time. This serves to ensure that products do not run out of stock in the Inventory.

Increased Efficiency.

Since a manufacturing order is a document that contains a schedule and instructions, the manufacturing process becomes simplified. The system generates the manufacturing order early enough so that it can be manufactured before the available stock is sold out.

Automated Inventory.

The system makes sure that you do not keep too much stock, and you do not run out either. Since the system has access to real-time data of your stock levels and 

Increased Productivity.

Since all the manual work of keeping up with orders and manufacturing has been automated by the system and the data is available real-time, managers can use reports to generate insights and strategies for improving the company.