Manufacturing Execution System

A manufacturing system is a combination of actions and processes used throughout the production of finished goods. 

What's A Manufacturing System?

Developing the right system provides a medium through which commands can be transmitted to the machines, orders can be distributed among workers, and they are an increasingly essential component of quality control.​

In The Solution: Manufacturing

In our Manufacturing Execution System, the system generates a Manufacturing Order whenever a product's stock levels get below its reordering rules. This ensures that products are manufactured in time, and there are no stock-outs.  

In The Solution: Procurement

To ensure that the generated manufacturing orders are fulfilled, Raw Materials need to always be available in the Inventory. Therefore the reordering rules are applied on them as well. 

Whenever the stock quantities of a raw material get to their reordering levels, a Purchase Order is generated by the system to replenish the stocks.

In The Solution: Inventory

Both raw materials and finished products are stored and managed from the Inventory. Here, Reordering Rules are applied on every product whose stock is to be managed. 

When a new replenishment arrives, it is received into the inventory, and the stock quantities of the products received in the shipment are updated accordingly.

In The Solution: Sales

Having taken care of raw materials and products, we direct our attention to making sales. Sales can be made through three different channels: Credit Sales, Cash Sales and Ecommerce

In the different sales channels, we can manage products' prices through Pricelists. We can also products' prices based on the customer.

In The Solution: Accounting

A management system is incomplete without Accounting. In accounting, bank feeds are automatically synchronized, so that your bank statement matches your system.

When you register a payment for an invoice or a bill, the system automatically reconciles the entries, keeping your journals and accounts up to date.

This ensures that your P&L, Trial Balance and every other accounting report is up to date.

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