Attendance Management

Attendance management refers to the process of tracking and managing the presence, absence, and working hours of employees within an organization. It involves various tasks such as recording attendance, managing leave requests, calculating work hours, and generating reports for payroll and compliance purposes.

In our system, attendance management begins with employees registering their presence through various methods such as bio-metric devices, swipe cards, or online portals. Once recorded, this data is stored in a centralized database for further processing.

Leave management is also an integral part of attendance management, where employees can request time off for various reasons such as vacation, sick leave, or personal reasons. These requests are typically submitted through an online platform and then reviewed and approved by managers or HR personnel.

The system has features for tracking overtime hours, shifts, and scheduling to ensure proper workforce management and compliance with labor regulations.

It also utilizes automation and integration with other HR modules such as payroll and performance management to streamline processes and improve accuracy.

In the system, attendance data is used to generate reports for payroll processing, performance evaluation, and compliance audits. These reports provide insights into employee attendance patterns, absenteeism rates, and overall workforce productivity.

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